What an exciting time to be in education, the eKWIP community is starting to build members daily on the website. Do not forget to check the My Messages tab and Community Forums daily to see if your international co-teacher has contacted you. Your classroom has just been opened to the world. As people are getting started, we would like to direct your attention to the Teachable Moments tab on the homepage of the eKWIP web portal. Click the pull-down menu and select Introductions Teachable Moment. This small lesson will help you to start your journey.

The T2M (Triggering Teachable Moments) instructional/assessment design model was developed to be flexible enough to insert itself into any curriculum framework. Most academic units of instruction could include a T2M component that builds international collaboration.  We at CII are currently designing a community-wide project for hesitant participants to use to springboard into international collaboration.

As we build this 21st Century learning community we would like to reach out to you, our members, for suggestions and questions. Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or message us on eKWIP. Good luck with this exciting academic endeavor!

Gregory M. McGough, M.Ed.

CII Chief Academic Officer