Teachers should have the same expectations for their students that they have for their own children.

-Geoffrey Canada, Founder and CEO of The Harlem Children’s Zone

The executive team and families of the Coalition for International Initiatives (CII) enjoyed an inspirational evening with educational reformer Mr. Geoffrey Canada. The event began with a memorable face-to-face with Mr. Canada where he listened to our vision for global collaboration between schools in India and the United States. His interest and true passion for education was revealed when he focused on how our goals are going to benefit children. Even in this informal social scenario, Mr. Canada was searching for an answer to the “true” educator’s core question, “What is best for kids?” The keynote presentation was passionate and transcended the early technical difficulties with the microphone. Through it all a message of hope and faith in the education for all children, despite their current life situation, was felt in the hearts and minds of all who attended. At the conclusion of the evening, Mr. Canada left the audience with two challenges to improve education in America: unshakable optimism and constant innovation. We at CII believe we can accept Mr. Canada’s challenge because of our belief that all children can learn when given the opportunity and the community support to find academic and social success. That is why we are building an interactive online classroom community  that will allow children in the US and India to collaborate on Problem-based Learning (PbL) projects in all subject areas including an interactive science laboratory, Exploriments. When children are given the freedom and support to explore their own world to make meaning and solve problems, true educational gains can made in schools at every level.

Photo Credit: C. McGough

Gregory M. McGough, M.Ed.

CII Chief Academic Officer