Under the heading of autonomy, for example, Google Inc. employees are free to spend up to 20% of their time pursuing new projects. He quotes one Google engineer who told the New York Times: “If your 20% idea is a new product, it’s usually pretty easy to just find a few like-minded people and start coding away.” – L.A. Times

My ninth grade Career Pathways students are currently learning concepts found in the Pennsylvania Career and Work standards–specifically focusing on entrepreneurship. They need to understand multiple business concepts, and most importantly, their place in the global market. The eKWIP web portal will allow them to learn global market concepts from/with their Indian classmates.

The following YouTube video, created by students in Delhi Public Schools in Gwalior, India, is going to be used to “trigger” a teachable moment on the concept of “inflation” as a problem for the common “hu”man. As part of their 20% side-projects, my students will be developing, gathering, and displaying relevant inflation data to share with their new partners in India. This side-project will be driven solely by student innovation and willingness to learn more about the world around them. Under our 90-minute block scheduled class-time, the ninth grade students will have 18 mins. to work autonomously on their “inflation” projects.

Thank you to Manju Singh and her creative students at Delhi Public Schools in Gwalior, India for “triggering” this insightful teachable moment.

International collaboration and innovation is just a click away on the eKWIP website.

Gregory M. McGough, M.Ed.

CII Chief Academic Officer