eKWIP (educating kids with international possibilities), our program that connects classrooms globally has been updated to fit the changing needs of classrooms in the 21st century. This year, we are introducing participants to one contemporary global issue per semester.  Classes will be given the same problem, relating to safe drinking water, and have to solve it using the different factors in their environment.

We have outlined 6 lessons (including an introductory lesson) that take students and teachers through the problem solving process.  Once students complete each lesson, they will upload their results on our media portfolio.  Through the portfolio, teachers can upload videos, pictures, podcast, and documents.  Teachers from the United States and India check the portfolio and share the results with the students in their class.  eKWIP remains a secure portal in which participants have access to the site through a login and password.

This year, we have redesigned eKWIP to make it more user-friendly and open.  All of the teachers in the program are able to see what the other teachers are posting and are connected through our discussion forums.  Various discussion topics are going on simultaneously and teachers are encouraged to talk to each other.

We are looking to expand our initiative globally and welcome any feedback you may have about our idea or our portal.  Please seewww.ekwip.net and email cii@positiveglobalimpact.org to learn more.