Students Participating in Walk for Water, India

Students Participating in Walk for Water, India

On the 30th of January 2013, the 11th grade students at GDGWS set up a “Walk for Water” campaign to spread awareness about the shortages of clean water and informed young students about the need to save water. This was done through various activities with students of Primary and Middle school.

Students were told about the importance of clean water to living beings and to the environment. Banners were made, showing how water plays a big part in everyone’s lives and the importance of saving it. Banners including slogans were also put up.

The students took a walk around the school campus shouting slogans on saying water and holding up placards and banners which said the same. This was done to spread awareness to the issue of wastage of clean water and the need to conserve it.

Other activities included a brief quiz conducted by the 11th grade students for the 6th grade students, asking questions about the use of water in India, regarding how water is, and should be, used. The students were reminded again to remember to save water through minor changes in the way they use water daily. The band from the 11th grade also performed a self-composed song on saving water, making the campaign much more interesting.

-Shikharjeet, eKWIP Student