The tremendous stress and quick rate of destruction that we inflict on the Earth make global Earth Day celebrations extremely important. Earth Day provides an opportunity to educate people on issues facing the environment and encourage them to take action. It is an opportunity to build new environmental activists and foster a global movement to protect the Earth. As seen in many of the Earth Day celebrations around the world, people are using this day to protest corporate destruction of natural resources or to recruit new volunteers to clean up parks and waterways. There are countless ways to get involved and make an impact.

This year, the theme of Earth Day is “the face of climate change.”  Earth Day organizers encourage people around the world to share their photos, showing the different faces working to improve the environment. By linking the people to the cause, greater connectedness is felt and there is a sense of collaboration. As explained by Bryan Buchanan, spokesman for the Earth Day Network, “[climate change] has real consequences for real people, as well as places that we love and animals. We want to bring this massive problem down to size. It makes everyone who’s doing their part (no matter how small) feel connected to the bigger environmental movement.”

eKWIP Challenge does this year round.  The program raises awareness and encourages students to take action to solve contemporary environmental issues like the global water crisis, which contributes to climate change. Through sharing photos, videos, and more, students put a face to others like them who are taking action to learn about the environment and find solutions to end the destruction against it. The Challenge builds collaboration and makes the problem real, with real people sharing their personal experiences with their own environment.

To get involved this Earth Day, go to the new eKWIP Challenge website and sign up for one of our courses on the global water crisis. Educate yourself and other students about environmental issues and connect with likeminded people around the world that are working for a better future for the environment and for the world.


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