While school curriculum is adapting to the globalized world by teaching global literacy and international education, it can also be done or reinforced in the home. Every parent wants their child to be prepared for the world, and to be equipped to make a successful transition into adulthood and the workforce. In today’s world, this means preparing our kids to be comfortable and adaptable to global environments.

In an engaging discussion, Homa Sabet Tavanger will share tips, advice, and lessons learned from her experiences as a mother of three and professional who has lived and worked in many regions of the world. Growing Up Global: Raising Children to be At Home in the World, written by Tavanger, helps parents to raise children with a global perspective. Not all families can travel overseas to expose their children to world cultures, but they can start engaging with the world right in their own home communities. Parents will gain a greater understanding of some of the vast changes in a shrinking world. They will grow closer to each other while they engage in activities that demonstrate the experiences and preferences of their peers around the world. Children who are comfortable in a globalized world gain a distinct edge in competitive environments, and ultimately, become better-adjusted and more confident adults.

Join the discussion and learn how to prepare your child for the global world!

Not a parent? Come anyway! You will enjoy interesting stories of the humorous situations one gets into while living abroad with young children. And you will be supporting a great cause! This event is a fundraiser for e-collaborate. All funds raised will go towards future programming and technology for classrooms in need. Lunch is included in the ticket price.

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For more information about the author and book, please visit the Growing Up Global website.