Students participating in school clean up service project at Good Shepherd Primary School

Students participating in school clean up service project at Good Shepherd Primary School


Greetings from Students for Global Democracy Uganda!

Well, I would like to inform you that the World Youth Day for Democracy 2013 activities were a great success compared to last year as the youth had no idea about this day, but ever since we started promoting the day, we did receive a tremendous number of interested youth who participated in our activities.

We did start with an entirely student community leadership training and Public Order Management Law debate at London College Nansana, were three other schools were invited that included Masharia Senior Secondary School, Bilal Islamic Institute, Kakiri and Jakym Senior Secondary School, Katooke. It was really a rewarding leadership training for the prefects and they learned the difference between a leader and a commander or a ruler.

The public order management law debate for the student community was both participatory and interactive and this time along, many girls were in attendance as compared to the boys.

The real day was overwhelming, since the young people reported for the activities as early as 6:30p.m and ready to take on the community service, which started at Kawaala Health Centre III. Thereafter, we proceeded to Kawaala Police Station and finally at Good Shepherd Primary school, were we engaged in both indoor and outdoor cleaning exercise. The community cleaning exercise started at 8:30 am after a briefing from Ivan Otim, Students for Global Democracy Uganda, Program Officer and ended at 12:00 noon.

The public order management law debate started at exactly 2:00pm, with a topic “The Dangers and Implications of the Public Order Management Law to the Youth Movement in Uganda. It was such a participatory and an interactive debate, since our partner organizations were able to participate like Uganda Youth Network, Teens Uganda, Open Space Centre, African Youth Development Link, Sports Eye Foundation Uganda and Uganda Youth Guidance Development Association, who were the co-organizers of the Student Community Leadership Training and Public Order Management Debate. The community youth also attended and raised issues concerning the Public Order Management Law. During the discussions many issues were raised by the youth, including that passing of this draconian law is a sign of dictatorship and the young will fight it. Many youth suggested that we take the endeavor to popularize the dangers of this law especially among the illiterate and rural youth, so as to come on board to protest.

~ Mike Gesa Munabi, President
Students For Global Democracy-Uganda