Mayan Families is a non-profit organization in Panajachel, Guatemala that helps address the needs of the local indigenous population. Operating several schools and sponsoring the education of over 2,500 students, education is a large component of their work.

e-collaborate introduced its eKWIP Challenge program to Mayan Families as an after-school enrichment program and means to foster more volunteerism. Sponsored middle and high school aged students are expected to complete volunteer hours as part of their sponsorship. Through the eKWIP Water Course, many service projects can be interwoven into the curriculum. For example, students can do clean ups around the local lake, help distribute water filtration systems, harvest alternative methods of accessing water, or raise awareness and education of water related issues among local communities.

These students have a lot to learn in participating, but more importantly, they have a lot to share of their own story with the water crisis with students around the world. Water contamination and water borne diseases are a very serious problem in Guatemala. This video shows the critical work that Mayan Families is doing in Tierra Linda, a nearby village with extreme levels of poverty, and the impact that programs like eKWIP can have on the education of local students.