If you love books that convey positive messages, then you NEED to check out Bookworm Central.  The philosophy of Bookworm is simple:

“We believe that good literature has the power to provoke thought, spark imagination, and shape character. It reinforces the concepts essential to civilized society: courage, compassion, integrity, goodness, and gratitude. Books bring these gifts to life, helping children develop inner resources that can be drawn upon throughout their lives.”

Each book that comes to Bookworm Central is read and evaluated by the Bookworm team then distributed to book fairs or hand selected for teachers or after school programs.  Bookworm Central is a ‘boutique’ company that can put together lists of books based on your requirements or even order books for your school or office depending on your needs. In addition, instead of finding translated American classics, which they can get, they go to the source to find local stories written in the native language to share with students.  They have these types of books in more than 15 languages!

Founder Radhika Bajaj is warm, friendly, and brilliant and has accomplished incredible amounts of success in the 21 years she has been running Bookwarm Central. Similar to e-collaborate, she saw a need in her community and decided to act.  Her solution for better literacy education has helped countless schools and non-profits along the way. Her passion for books and stories is conveyed in the first few minutes of meeting her.  The e-collaborate team went to visit the Bookworm warehouses last week and were amazed at the volume of books and educational games they have to offer. 

After the tour, we discussed different ways that e-collaborate and Bookworm can work together.  She also gave us advice that she wished someone had told her 21 years ago.  I soaked up every word. This conversation opened our eyes to the different ways we could do outreach in the communities in which we are involved, and also made us expand our thoughts about technology issues in developing countries.  Please stay tuned as I continue to update on this partnership through social media and our website.  Thanks to Radhika and Bookworm Central for being one of the most wonderful social enterprises in our community. To learn more, check out Bookworm Central’s website.

-Naina Boveja
Executive Director