”Globalization, facilitated by the rapid development of new information and communication technologies, though representing a challenge for cultural diversity, creates the conditions for renewed dialogue among cultures and civilizations.” UNESCO

Let me welcome you to the eKWIP community. In order to encourage collaboration and participation, we at CII are going to take small steps with the implementation of the eKWIP web portal. I am not only one of the orginal designers, but I am also test-piloting the program with an international  connection between my school and Mahatma Gandhi International School. It is my plan to document the process of collaboration with weekly posts to the eKWIP Blog. Please comment on the posts or submit questions.

The first action a CII international educator needs to take is to make the initial contact with your global peer.

Step #1 – Type in www.ekwip.net to get to the site.

Step#2 – Log into the site with your personalized username and login.

Step#3 – Search the right side of the home page for the bricklet titled Connect with the eKWIP Community.

Step #4 – Scroll down and click Teacher Forums.

Step #5 – Scroll down and click Teacher Community Discussion.

Once you are into this forum, you can start a new discussion with your international peer. Please feel free to experiment with your message in order to present a friendly and accurate professional profile. I included my name, academic degree, educational philosophy, courses taught, and course syllabus. Your global peer will respond with his/her information, and you have officially connected on an international level.

The next post will deal with uploading your first teachable moment for international collaboration.

Gregory M. McGough, M.Ed.

CII Chief Academic Officer